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X-ray Scanning

X-ray or radiograph scanning (digitising)  is one of our specialist fields.  We have scanned  all types of X-rays for clients in the medical, research, educational , industrial and legal sectors


There are many ways you could benefit from our X-ray scanning service:


  1. You can share your X-rays over the internet or by e-mail, saving you time, energy and the cost of sending your X-rays out.

  2. You can access your X-ray from anywhere in the world using our secure cloud storage and retrieval service or add them to your existing intranet or database system.

  3.  X-rays are often held in difficult areas to access, taking up both your space and your time in retrieving them. With scanned X-rays you can free up this space for more effective use and, with correct indexing, retrieve your documents instantly.

  4. X-rays are often irreplaceable and scanned X-rays can easily be backed up. In particular, we have found that the legal profession digitise their X-rays for this reason.

  5. The quality of the X-ray can be enhanced and look more clear and crisp than holding your X-ray up to a traditional light box and they can also be enlarged to provide detail more clearly.


We can scan X-rays of all sizes, from the standard 17 X 14 inch film to the much smaller dental X-rays and at resolutions and image formats to meet your requirements.  The most common formats are PDF, JPEG, or TIFF.


Your X-rays can be indexed to allow fast access for retrieval from your network, the internet or direct from a DVD or CD and copies can be made for extra security.


We understand the importance that is often attached to these X-rays and thorough quality controls are in place to ensure you always receive top quality scans.


We can arrange collection of your x-rays or alternatively just courier them to us.


Turnaround time is often important and whilst larger jobs may take several weeks we carry out small, urgent jobs within 24 hours.