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GDPR - Right to Rectification

The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 comes into force at the end of this month.

One change that might affect the way documents are kept is the new Right to Rectification and Right to Erasure. Currently the information we scan is transferred to encrypted DVDs and CDs. This has been the most secure way to store information as information cannot be accidently deleted and could always be used in court to prove that the data was the original data scanned. Whilst it’s read only format still provides a secure method of transferring files, it is not recommended that information is permanently kept on CDs where information cannot be rectified or erased. We therefore are recommending that, if you are not already doing so, once you receive your CDs/DVDs, you transfer them to your server or hard drive where they should be backed up as part of your back up system. The original CDs should then be destroyed. Should part of a file need to be erased or rectified this will be straight forward using some editable PDF software, which, if you do not have, is relatively inexpensive.


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