Scanning Services


Office records

Book scanning


We will collect your office documents from any location within the country,
prepare them for scanning by removing the documents from their files, inserting separator sheets, de-stapling and where necessary, repairing.

Our scanning service is carried out to BSI standards at our CCTV monitored premises using specialist scanners, top imaging software and our experienced operators. Scanning will be carried out at the appropriate dpi to ensure both quality viewing and prints. Where necessary, our scanners automatically catch and scan colour documents to ensure that all pictures/graph projections etc. are clearly understandable when viewing.

Documents will be scanned in PDF format and encrypted before being downloaded to servers, our websites or DVDs and portable drives.
Our procedures comply with BS standards ensuring legal admissibility of your records,

Book scanning is the process of converting physical books into digital media such as images or electronic text (e-books).

Books are scanned on either on our high speed rotary scanners or, where books need to be scanned without any damage to the originals, our overhead scanners.

Books can be scanned as searchable PDF images without being converted to digital text format, which has the advantage of being an immediate exact copy of the original, or they can be converted to digital text format which reduces the file size, and allows text to be reformatted (have the font style and size changed etc.), into E books.

E books are converted into digital text, using sophisticated OCR software, before being converted into their final format e.g. EPub or Amazon AZW.

X-ray Scanning

Large format scanning


X-ray or radiograph scanning (digitising)  is one of our specialist fields.  We have scanned  all types of X-rays for clients in the medical, research, educational , industrial and legal sectors.


We understand the importance attached to the care and accuracy needed
in X-ray scanning and have the necessary facilities in our London bureau to ensure that all requirements are met.


We use the latest large format scanners to scan drawings, maps and plans in black and white, colour or grayscale, up to A0+ in size.

We can scan in high or low resolutions and to any image format such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG. We will also index the documents to your exact requirements, producing a database if you wish. 

Business card scanning

Medical records


Adding business cards to your contact database, whilst important, can be a very time consuming  job and many companies or individuals will have built up large collections.

E-mails, mail shots, letters and phone calls are so much easier when the information is all in your electronic address books or office database.

Whilst Optical Character Recognition and data capture techniques are improving the latest software will not accurately record and place your information into the correct fields.

Using a combination of scanning, capture software and data processing we can accurately add your information into Microsoft Outlook and other databases.

Firstly the cards are scanned using the latest capture software to export the information, then the database is thoroughly gone through and OCR/mapping mistakes corrected for each card.

 Medical centres and GP surgeries are working towards digitally imaging all their past patient notes. 

At Technofile we specialise in the scanning of these notes. 

We collect the patient notes in their "Lloyd George" folders producing a suitable itinerary of the records before placing them in secure storage. From there, they are carefully prepared, scanned and uploaded to the clients existing record system e.g. System One. 

Doctor's receive notes back, whilst the documents are being scanned, by suitably encrypted e-mails and once the records have been uploaded and checked the original documents are securely shredded in accordance with the recommendations of the Joint Computing Group of the General Practitioners Committee and the Royal College of General Practitioners.


Magazine and Newspaper scanning

There are many reasons why our customers want newspaper and magazine scanning. These including large companies and press agencies who need to find articles using sophisticated capture software, publishers who want to put their publications on the internet and magazine collectors who want a digital copy of their publications before wear and tear destroys them.

Scanning Newspapers and magazines is one of our specialities. Scanning is carried out either on our high speed rotary scanners or, where magazines need to be scanned without any damage to the originals, our overhead or flatbed scanners.

Should you have your publications scanned using a rotary, overhead or flatbed scanner? 

Well that depends on the quality you need and the magazines you are scanning.

   1. unbinding and putting the document through on rotary scanners is a good idea in terms of cost and it always keeps the document nice and flat. 

   2. You will always need to use an overhead scanner if your magazines are bound

   3. As with photographs, some magazines may require overhead or flatbed scanning as minute dust particles can affect the quality of your images.

Scanned papers and magazines are traditionally converted to PDF, TIFF or JPEG formats and can now be converted to various publication formats for use on products such as the Amazon Kindle or iphone and ipad.

Where magazines need particular attention such as restoration our Adobe certified  staff and Adobe imaging software will guarantee the result you want. 

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