Scanning Office Files

Are your filing cabinets taking up valuable space?


Are your staff taking too much time looking for files?


Are papers not being returned to files? Are files being mislaid?


If the answer is yes to all or any of the above then scanning your office files is the solution.


With over 25 years experience we have gained expertise in scanning many types of office documents including:


  • Accounts Files, purchase invoices, expenses, statements etc.

  • Human resources and personnel files

  • Student and education files

  • Contracts and other legal files

  • Research papers and thesis

  • Medical records

  • Business cards

  • Bound and unbound books

  • X-rays

  • Large format drawings, plans and maps

  • Site files

  • Health and Safety records


At Technofile we understand the importance attached to office files and have the right procedures in place for you to gain a first class, paperless office.


All scanning is carried out to ISO standards using high speed A3 scanners. Pages that are larger than A3 will be put through our large format scanners.


Our scanning operators are experienced, well trained and take pride in their work. Scanning is carried out at the dpi to match your requirements, normally 300dpi if you are using OCR to give you full text retrieval. Our High speed scanners will recognise when a page is in colour and and only scan in colour where necessary. This helps by keeping file sizes low and improving OCR without compromising on the quality.


The standard file format for our files is Adobe multi page PDF, the industry standard format for digital office files, however we are happy to scan in other formats e.g Tiff, where required.


We can enhance your images after scanning, and then using a variety of capture and OCR software so you will be able to retrieve your documents easily and quickly.


Your digital records are always encrypted before they are sent out. We have a cloud service called filing on the web or you can receive them from our servers by FTP, download them from our web site or Have them on DVD, CD, memory sticks or portable hard drives.


Important records are added to CD or DVD as either your main source media or  a back up this can then be used in a court of law with confirmation that there have been no alterations to the records as the media is read only and cannot be altered​


We can also hold an encrypted version of your records.


To give you an idea of the costs simply complete our contact form with a brief description of what you require.

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