Medical Records Scanning

Our scanning services help both private and NHS health services improve their document management and record keeping.  Scanning patient records saves money whilst improving patient service.


By having a complete digitised system, records can be swiftly and efficiently retrieved and transferred, provide a secure back up and save a huge amount of space.


The NHS has a target to be paperless by 2020 and whilst many new records are being updated electronically, most previous/older records are still kept in a paper format and mixed paper and digital systems do not work well.


We have been scanning medical records for many years now and fully understand the care and importance attached to these records.


We would arrange to collect the records from your offices and place in boxes. Records will be placed in each box and will be marked up appropriately to enable a set of notes to be easily located during the scanning process. Records can be collected in batches or taken and securely stored whilst scanning.


All records will be securely stored at our CCTV monitored bureau in South London whilst scanning is being carried out. Urgent requests for a file will be scanned and electronically sent by e-mail as an encrypted (pass-worded) PDF in order that the record can be read on any PC or mac with Adobe reader.


Medical notes can need a lot of preparation prior to scanning. Older records are sometimes damaged and wherever possible, these will be repaired before scanning.


We are very aware of the importance and confidentiality of these notes. All scanning will be carried out at our alarmed and CCTV monitored premises in London using our high speed scanners and experienced operators. Each set of notes will be indexed by patients name and date of birth in order to ensure easy and accurate upload to your system. 


Our scanning procedures comply with both the recommendations of the Royal College of General Practitioners guide to good practice for GP electronic patient records and ISO. 


We check all scanned documents twice, once by the operator at the time of scanning and then by a separate quality controller.


A list of all files scanned with the number of pages within will be provided for data protection, linking and audit purposes.


At Technofile we have experience of uploading these records to a number of programs e.g System one, Vision, Docman and Emiss and can assist you on this.


A security copy of all notes will be provided in DVD/CD format. There will also be a list of the notes in alphabetical order, this will show the CDs they are on and the number of images for each record.


Once you have checked your digital records and are completely satisfied, your documents can be shredded to ISO standards and a certificate confirming this issued. Shredding complies with the recommendations of the Royal College of General Practitioners on good practice for GP electronic patient records which states documents can be shredded after they have been scanned, confirmed as legible, backed up, and that backup has been verified and by:


  1. Identifying each file or document to be destroyed

  2. Recording that the complete file or document has been stored electronically

  3. Ensuring that the electronic version is a true and accurate copy of the original or stating how it is different.

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