Large Format Scanning

Generally speaking any document scanning above A3 in size is considered to be large format scanning. We can scan any of your drawings or plans up to A0 in size.


The International standard (ISO) paper size “A” is based on each size being half of the size of the previous one, when folded parallel to the shorter lengths. This system allows for a variety of useful applications, such as the enlarging and reducing of images without any cut off or margins, or folding to make a booklet of the next size down.


  • A0 Paper Size measures 841mm (width) x 1189mm (height) or 84.1cm x 118.9cm or 33.1inches x 46.8inches.

  •  A1 Paper Size measures 594mm (width) x 841mm (height) or 59.4cm x 84.1cm or 23.4inches x 33.1inches.

  • A2 Paper Size measures 420mm (width) x 594mm (height) or 42cm x 59.4cm or 16.5inches x 23.4inches.


Both storing and using large format documents can be a problem and scanning these documents is an easy answer.


Whether its plans, maps, posters, or large presentation documents we can scan them in Black and white or colour using various DPI resolutions to match your requirements.


Output will be in PDF, Tiff or JPEG format. We can also provide you with a DXF or similar file for working directly in your CAD program.


The digital images can be downloaded from the web, pulled from our server using FTP, downloaded to CD or DVD, or downloaded to a USB memory stick.


Most drawings and plans will need to be indexed individually and we can index them by either file name or producing a linked database/spreadsheet for you.


Some detailed art work can also be scanned on the large format scanner but as large format scanners tend to be a series of sensors, this may not be the best type of scanner for your artwork and you should get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements and have some samples done before you go ahead with artwork scanning.

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